Suicide – can it be a rational option?

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

Gary Speed

It is not uncommon for people with only a mild degree of depression to have thoughts of suicide. Although the majority take this no further, the process of thinking about harming oneself may make one more vulnerable to actually doing so.

Suicide of Gary Speed

From time to time, you might secretly wonder if ending your life might be the right thing for you. That’s what’s Welsh football legend Gary Speed probably had been thinking — only in his case he put his thoughts into action and committed suicide. This despite the success he enjoyed in the eyes of the world: he was good enough to be appointed manager of the Welsh national football team and apparently had everything to live for. Only the previous day, when being interviewed by the BBC, he had talked positively about his job, family, and his golf. Perhaps it just shows how…

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3 thoughts on “Suicide – can it be a rational option?

  1. Let me tell you something. This blog I started 4 years ago was for you. I mean 100℅ for you. If you have read my homepage you will know that I am you. The only difference is I have the inside BS in what really goes in because I am a clinical social worker. We are about to change alot for us who suffer . Tell anyone you know to get on here . Hope is near.

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    1. I am glad you do not think in this way. You will most likely not have suicide be your end. This sort of thinking seems rational to many with mental illness because nothing they do brings hsppiness, joy, intreast or hope. A life void of these things is a life with no drive to go on.

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