lemon coated truth on mental illness

If nothing made you happy, and you had nothing to look forward too because of that, how well would you function in life? Living a day at a time just to power through it, so you could accomplish the same thing the the next day? What if alcohol and pain pills brought you relief and joy, but you were an alcoholic pill head in recovery, and could not partake in the one things that made living bearable?…………..Now can you grasp why the mentally ill commit suicide? Why do you say  this make them selfish, when it makes them do the only thing that will stop the pain? Leave the mentally ill alone, never pick on or joke about what you don’t understand, like the sick fighting uphill through hell when they first awake, all day, and when they go to bed to be a good person, a normal person, a good enough person, and to not be anything they truly are. They have to become like people they cannot stand to be approaching something like accepted in the world, then still feel like it will never be enough. The mentally ill live for the sake of not being dead, what a life. My only hope is one day Dr.s will be able to do brain transplants, or that they can cure my alcoholism and addiction so I can drink and use to be happy again, without destroying myself and everyone around me. I don’t expect normal people to understand, and should be glad they don’t.

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